Jerel Benjamin is currently the Founder and CEO of the company Profit Gold consulting group based in Austin, Texas. Jerel formed his company after realizing that not all business owners are skilled in how to keep their businesses healthy and thriving. A CEO must be both a strong leader while also being fluent in marketing skills. CEO’s should understand the process of sales and the value of having proficient internal system automation. Jerel’s skills shined in these areas, while also showing his strengths with empowering others through leadership training seminars, and business optimization through top to bottom analysis.

At the University of Wisconsin, Jerel studied English while also obtaining a minor in Communications. It was there that Jerel knew he was both a social influencer and had a knack for motivational speaking. Jerel also had the confidence to be a risk-taker. Jerel became the President and CEO of WCI, an international tile and remodeling company. He was able to maximize profits and lead his team successfully for well over a decade. Jerel knew he had a calling, in 2008 he joined Chet Holmes international as an Elite Business Mastery Coach, it was there he was able to expand his talents for coaching other CEOs and leaders. Jerel was also able to work closely with other companies like One Source Coaching, Forbes Councils, YEC, and Predictable Profits.

Further on in Jerel’s career journey, he became both the founder and CEO of the company Leadership Gold, Inc. This seminar-based group focuses on leadership and business mastery around the world. Jerel has traveled to the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and around the United States, speaking to CEOs on how they can perfect their skills. When his company combined with Profit Gold, Jerel was able to make it a seamless and natural transition, and he was able to blend the two organizations perfectly. With this, he was able to provide leadership training, long term sustainability goals, including both SOP and KPI documentation.

While Jerel continues to be successful, accomplished, and respected public speaker and business leader, he also has a passion for helping others. Jerel is also an advocate for human rights and underprivileged nations. In 2006 he became aware of the group Africa Renewal Ministries where he felt the need to see a change in the world. This non-profit organization has made it their mission to help the impoverished people of Uganda to be able to gain access to resources such as education, medicine, and leadership training.

Not only has Jerel been a member of Africa Renewal Ministries, but he is also an advocate for domestic violence. With the group, Hope’s Door/New Beginnings Center helps to offer both prevention and intervention services to individuals or families that are being affected by domestic violence. The program was formed to help address the lack of shelter availability since it’s conception; it has expanded to include housing and a 24/7 crisis hotline. With the addition to Hope’s door, the other arm of the organization, New Beginnings Center, has begun to offer counseling services, which have been developed to have both shelter and hotline. Both groups have come together to provide a comprehensive counseling center, legal aid assistance, education, transitional housing, and battering prevention programs.

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Jerel Benjamin is an innovative entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. He’s currently serving as the CEO for ProfitGold, which he founded in 2004.