Companies are often defined by the leaders that work inside them. However, bad workplace leaders can easily hurt a company and the employees that work there. If you’re looking to become a workplace leader, make sure that you avoid these traits.


If you’re someone who just got a leadership position, you might be thinking very highly of yourself. This by itself isn’t necessarily wrong, but you can cause a lot of issues in your workplace if you’re way too overconfident.

For example, you might be thinking that you can rally up your team to get a project done weeks…

Companies can use these five tips to help workers in a crisis.

Emphasize mindfulness

People in a crisis are emotionally drained. Employees cannot produce high-quality work if they are preoccupied with negative thoughts. Employers can help by prioritizing health and wellness. Give workers discounted gym memberships. There are online subscriptions available if going to the gym is not physically possible. There are also mobile applications that keep track of metrics, such as heart rate and body mass index. Also, companies can host group meditation sessions where everyone can take a few deep breaths. Give workers free journals so that they…

Positive employee engagement is vital for every successful company. Growing and developing business is closely related to employee satisfaction. Each employee has a different preference when it comes to how they are managed. Employee appreciation should look a little different based on individual preferences, learning styles, and even roles within the organization.

Keeping employees engaged is a difficult task that has become even more complex due to the COVID pandemic. Here are some easy tips to keep your staff active and collaborative amid uncertain times.

Share Information

Many organizations had to quickly pivot to a remote presence in order to remain operational…

Starting a new job is tremendously stressful. Not only do you not know anyone, but the tasks are also different. Follow these methods to properly acclimate new workers.

Onboarding Program

Don’t just throw your new employee into the deep end. If you can, have a real onboarding program. At the beginning of your employee’s first day, take them aside. Have an open discussion to answer any questions they have. Go over the job description and a timeline of how you expect things to go down. A regular meeting with the direct supervisor, perhaps weekly, would be helpful as well.


Approximately a quarter of the workforce works at least part-time for home. Although there are many benefits, it brings on many new challenges as well. Managers need to be ahead of the game and know how to be good remote leaders. Here are some tips.

There are a couple of issues with remote working. Employees feel it’s more difficult to get information. This is particularly true of new employees. Make sure they are properly onboarded. Check-in with them periodically to make sure they have access to everything they need.

The lack of direct supervision is a big issue. On the…

Blogging has become quite the fad these days, but did you know it can be a great addition to your consulting website? Many consultants often think of what are good ways to help expand your business and improve your website to gain more traffic. If you’re stuck in a rut you should try creating a blog. However, blogs demand consistency, so make sure you have the time for it. You can start by setting up a blog and launching some excellent starting content, but if months go by afterward without a single post, this may not bode well for your…

Diversity isn’t a new term being thrown around corporate businesses today. Many new companies are striving for diversity off the bat. While others are backtracking to make sure they are more inclusive. Leaders should be building in accountability to create diverse and inclusive working environments. While corporate leaders may discuss diversity and say all the right things, it’s often the middle management running the organization and the experience of those who work there. These middle people are usually not as understanding and as accountable for both diversity and inclusion.

Understanding Diversity

Diversity has become more than just race, ethnicity, age…

This year we have been faced with an all-new set of challenges in the corporate world. As we continue into the last months of the year the pandemic still rages on and we are still on high alert for new cases. The working world has transitioned to working remotely. Today, managing a team as you would in the office has had to change as we convert to online meetings and organizational standards. The way we work as a team has had to vastly change.

If anything, this sudden move to work from home has brought about a new era for…

The job of being an entrepreneur can be daunting. With so many tasks, getting everything in order and organized is essential. There are several proven systems that can help to improve your organization and lead a profitable business.

Organized desk area

The first place to start is with your desk. Often, this is where you will spend a lot of your time. And if you have clients visiting your location, the last thing you will want to show them is a messy desk. Please take a few minutes before leaving every day and leave it neat and organized.

Many people…

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Jerel Benjamin is an innovative entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. He’s currently serving as the CEO for ProfitGold, which he founded in 2004.

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